Mr. Hobby/GSI Creos

Mr. Hobby/GSI Creos GT-35 - GT-35 Mr. Brush Washer

Useful glass bottle with a perforated metal piece in the bottom, for washing your bristle brushes. Extends the life of your brushes...

19,00 RON

Mr. Hobby/GSI Creos GT-57 - GT-57 Mr. Glue Applicator

This tool is used to apply instant adhesive to objects such as plastic models or applying and sculpting putty.You often tend to apply too much instant adhesive, and consequently, the effectiveness of the adhesive is greatly impaired, the hardening ti..

49,00 RON

Mr. Hobby/GSI Creos T-113 - T-113 Mr. Tool Cleaner (250 ml)

This product quickly dissolves paint stains on airbrushes, brushes, paint trays, spare bottles, etc. Keeping your tools clean is the best way to become a better modeler...

31,00 RON

Mr. Hobby - M-133 Mr. Masking Sol R (20 ml)

Masking Sol R (20 ml)..

28,00 RON

Mr. Hobby - P-118 Mr. White Putty

Mr. White Putty - modelling putty for plastic scale kit, 25 gr...

15,00 RON

Mr. Hobby MC127 - Mr. Cement Deluxe 40ml

Adeziv special pentru machete din plasticRecipient 40ml cu aplicator tip pensula..

15,00 RON

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