As promised, here is the official announcement of the painting contest "Paint in the HUB", the winter edition. With this announcement, we officially open the contest registration!

So, the program will be as follows:

- Starting with September 3rd and until November 23rd, you can register for the competition, which is actually the working period, until the competition itself;

- December 6th - from 12:00 to 20:00 you can bring the miniatures for the contest;

- December 7th - from 12:00 to 14:00 you can bring the miniatures for the contest;
- from 14:00 - Official opening of the competition;

- December 7th - December 13th (except Sunday, December 8th) from - 12:00 to 20:00 – the miniatures are displayed in the Community HUB for public viewing;

- December 14th - 14:00 - The award ceremony and closing of the competition;
- from 15:00 to 20:00 participants can pick up their miniatures


a. With round base up to 40 mm (including);
b. With round base over 40 mm and / or oval bases.


1. Each participant has the right to register his Games Workshop miniatures that come in with a base set (Warhammer 40K, Warhammer Age of Sigmar, Lord of the Rings), ONLY ONE miniature in each of the two main categories - EXCLUDING any miniature that comes WITHOUT a base in the package, e.g. Tanks - Predator, Razorback, etc. and any other miniature that does not come as standard with the base in the package;

2. In order to register, a participant has to place an order of at least 150 lei for GW minatures or paints/accessories in our shop during the registration period OR the participant has to pay a registration fee of 50 lei (per participant);

3. We accept miniatures that are already built, but they must be in maximum primed stage (without any other color applied);

4. When registering, it is required a proof that the miniatures are not painted, either by physical presentation in the HUB or by attaching a photograph to the registration form, in which appears a timestamp that places the miniature in the present time - a fiscal receipt, a newspaper, a website, etc.;

5. The Registration can be done online through the registration form from the link below, but also physically in the HUB. (as per the will of the participant). An email of confirmation will be sent after we have verified that all the conditions are met.

6. It is a contest, but it is a contest between people with the same passion and we will NOT accept hate speech, offenses, "jokes" and other toxic things (transmitted both physically in the HUB but also in the social media environment) for the community and for people trying to do its best. The person who violates the common sense rule will receive only one warning, then he/she will be excluded from our community and contest.

7. The contest will not be held if there will be LESS than 20 registered participants and if there will be LESS than 15 miniatures in a category, that category will NOT be judged awarded.



The award system will not be a classic one. Instead of the classic "1st, 2nd, 3rd" or "gold, silver and bronze", we will have 6 completely different prizes for each category.

We chose this way to stimulate your imagination and curiosity, to offer the opportunity to all the miniatures to have their own „Moment of glory”; both those focused on Lore, but also the "funky", the most colorful.

We want to provoke both beginners and they will have a real chance but also veterans to throw in scratch build and as well as advanced painting techniques or even bloody scenes. So the limit is only your imagination! We certainly have a prize ready for you!

Because we want to grow and support the HUB Community, those who will come here to paint their miniatures registered in the contest will receive a special prize. Because together we grow better and we like to be around beautiful people.

The only "classic" prize so to speak, will be the "The Best" One, the best in show, which will be awarded to a single miniature.

A miniature CANNOT earn more than one prize.

What is worth mentioning is that all prizes will be in the form of "store credit" in our store and their total value will exceed 1500 lei.

Disclaimer :

By registering in „Paint in the HUB Contest” - Miniature Painting Contest all the participants automatically give their consent for the presentation and exhibition of the registered miniatures in the HUB, during the contest (December 7th - 14th), and also for the publication of photographs of the miniatures and also the mention of their authors.

For any further information regarding the contest please contact us:


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