26 April, 2021

This year the program of our store on the occasion of the Easter holidays is the following:
THURSDAY April 29, 2021 - Normal schedule - all orders received today until 14:00 will be taken over by Fan Courier but will be delivered by TUESDAY, May 4!


MONDAY, May 3, 2021 - CLOSED

TUESDAY May 4, 2021 - Normal schedule - we will start processing orders received over the weekend.

We wish you a Happy Easter and a lot of health and joy with your loved ones!

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27 January, 2021
Games Workshop orders being late and delays in deliveries

Hello guys and gals!

Sorry for all these delays for all your Games Workshop ordered products, but we are facing a special situation. Due to Brexit now all the GW orders to EU must have additional customs documentation and at the moment it is a bit of chaos because of this. 

We have four orders at the moment being held in different customs offices in Germany, orders that await proper customs documents from GW.

All this chaos will come to an end eventually but please be patient as everybody is trying their best to get things going again.

We will announce any new info on our Facebook page, or when we start to receive the orders again.

Thank you for understanding and a please have bit more patience! :D

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22 December, 2020

Holiday program 2020-2021:

The store will be closed between December 24 and January 4, 2021!

The site will continue to operate, obviously, and all orders received during this period (starting with December 23 at 15:00) will be processed and delivered starting with January 4, 2021.

CAREFUL! During this period we will NOT answer phone calls, Whatsapp or email. Thank you for understanding.

On this occasion we wish you all a Merry Christmas, good health and a "most exceptional new year" ever! Rock on!

Hobby Shop Team

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13 December, 2020

And today we celebrate 4 years of Hobby Shop!

Another year has passed and we hope you are well, healthy and with a smile on your face! Thank you to everyone who was with us and supported us, gave us advice, feedback, nice words, but you also pulled our sleeves when we were wrong. We are constantly growing and maturing and we will definitely offer you even more and better and we hope even faster from now on.

And to thank you for being with us, we offer a voucher with a 15% discount!

This voucher can be used only once per customer, for orders over 150 lei and is valid until January 31, 2021.

THE CODE IS: hobby4ani

It is entered in the field called "Enter your coupon here" on the order completion page (see image below) and press the "USE COUPON CODE" button. And BAM! you have a 15% discount on your order.


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15 September, 2020

PAINT IN THE HUB Episode 2: Bigger is Better

And now it's time for a new edition of the intergalactic contest Paint in the HUB - the digital version!

The contest starts today, now, EXACTLY now, and ends on Sunday, November 15, at 23:59.

And if you will be rocking it with bigger miniatures, you will have even more time available.


You choose a miniature from the piles you already have, or if you don't feel like any of them, come to us and buy a new one (because the new smell can't be replaced with anything). 

Then post on the group here some pictures with the miniature, ATTENTION! - maximum in the primer stage, in a situation in which we understand that at the time of registration the miniature is really in that stage (for example with the contest banner in the background). And add to the post the correct  topic (see below the contest categories). And you're ready to enter the contest.

Then, until November 10, you pretend to forget about the contest, and when we post a reminder again that "boys and girls, it's 5 days and the contest is over", you quickly take the miniature and put some paint in it, in the last 5 hours of competition. Yes, we are evil, we joke too, but you know..

And make a post with 5-6 the best photos you can take with the finished mini. Here you have to take the best photos you can, because we will judge what we see in the photos, we will not have the minis in hand.

After November 15, we will take the pictures and declare the 1st, 2nd, 3rd place and maybe some mentions if necessary.



Any GW miniature (not another brand), with a base of MINIMUM 40mm (inclusive) can enter the competition, including those with oval bases of MINIMUM 90x52 mm. No, you can't put the mini on another base bigger / smaller than the base it normally comes with.

So ANY GW miniature with a MINIMUM 40mm base can participate in the contest.

You can register with as many minis as you want in the contest, the condition is to finish them on time and at the best quality in the world / universe.

And to avoid many questions like "can I register with this?", The minis with which you enter the contest MUST BE BUILT OUT OF THE BOX! That is, just with what you have in the box, NOT with a marine head, tyrannid leg, necron pectoral and orc "toy".

Instead you can detail the base of the mini as you want and as you can, a very well detailed base will be a pretty big plus - like land, vegetation, skulls, lava, etc.


CAREFUL! This is a novelty compared to the previous edition. At your request, we have introduced two categories of competition, namely Beginner and Veteran!

When you post the mini with which you enter the contest, you will have to add to the post the correct topic - PAINT IN THE HUB - EP 2 BEGINNER or VETERAN.

There will be two TAGs this time and you will have to choose the correct TOPIC for ALL your posts in the contest. YOU WILL NO LONGER RECEIVE FRIENDLY REMINDERS LIKE "please add the topic to your post". IF you  do not put the topic, the post is NOT considered in the contest. More attention, and less agitation.

We leave the selection of the category to your choice and we consider that it will be done correctly, and if we notice that someone enrolls in Beginner for reasons known only to him and presents advanced painting techniques, we will change his category and he/she will receive a harsh rebuke from us. Valid and vice versa - if you sign up for Veteran and no advanced technique appears on the miniature, you fly directly to beginners.


  • If you are at the first painted miniatures;

  • If you still do not apply any advanced painting techniques (lights, shadows, NMM, glow, weathering, etc.)


  • If you are at the 352nd painted miniature;

  • If you easily apply various advanced painting techniques;

  • If you make complex bases, vegetation, scenery, etc.

  • If you use very correctly and with color chromatic effect.



Well, at the moment we have this:


Prize 1 - a Warhammer 40K Tools & Paint set;

Prize 2 - a set of Stormsire`s Cursebreakers minis;

Prize 3 - a miniature Web Exclusive - Inquisitor with Inferno Pistol & Power Sword.


Prize 1 - a Warhammer 40K Tools & Paint set;

Prize 2 - a miniature Gotrek Gurnisson;

Prize 3 - a miniature Web Exclusive - Imperial Guard Lord Commissioner.

The total value of the prizes is 700 lei and all are offered by the organiser -

CAREFUL! If there are NOT MINIMUM 5 completed minis per category at the end of the contest, we will only award the first prize per category.

The judging will be done by three referees (we will announce them later, during the competition, maybe..). They will take into account: the quality of assembly (uncleaned burrs, joining parts, traces of adhesive, etc.), the quality of paint application (brush marks, paint marks in other places - accidental touches, etc.), the quality of applied techniques - only in the Veteran category (lights / shadows, blending, metallic, NMM if necessary, wash & weathering, detailing the bases, etc.)

Each referee will choose 6 minis from each category (the ones that attract the most attention) and they will judge and score them. At the end we will collect the points offered and we will make the ranking.

We wish you success and unsuspected inspiration in handling the brushes!

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25 June, 2020

This Friday we will have one of the biggest and most pleasant surprises. After nine months of training, the third character will join the Hobby Shop team! 

So we will have to close the store on Monday and Tuesday, June 29-30, in order to complete the "tutorial" with Darius, the third member of the party. 

All orders received by 30.06. will be shipped on Wednesday, 01.07. (unless other delays occur). 

Thank you for your understanding and for all the good thoughts! 

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26 May, 2020
With each order you receive a protective mask!

Take care of yourself and those around you, wear a mask!

Although the measures imposed by the authorities have relaxed, the pandemic still exists, there are still new victims every day, there is still the risk of getting sick!

It is imperative to wear a face mask in any environment where there is interaction with other people. Even more important is to wear the mask correctly! In vain we have the mask if we wear it only on the mouth or just hanging on the chin.

Wearing a mask protects those around us, not us, and those around us wearing a mask protect us.





We would have loved to do more, to help more, but at this moment this is what we can do for you. For every order placed on our online shop, you will receive a protective face mask.

Like everyone else, we want this difficult period to pass and return to normal, to see each other in the HUB as many and as often as possible. But only if we take care and respect these rules of minimum common sense will we be able to get over this "bump" as soon as possible.

Thanks everyone,

Hobby Shop team

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We decided to reopen the store on Monday, May 4. Attention, the store, NOT the HUB.

So from Monday you will be able to come and buy directly from the store, you will be able to pick up your orders placed on the site, or you can come for a short visit.

The HUB workshop remains closed and all events remain on standby indefinitely.

We will have a short program: Monday - Friday from 12:00 to 17:00!

Access to the store will be made wearing a mask (mandatory) and we will NOT allow access to more than two people at the same time in the store.

We will continue to do our best to protect you and protect us, because although the measures taken by the authorities are beginning to relax, the pandemic still exists.

Thank you for understanding.

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2 April, 2020
ATTENTION! We resume shipping orders!

We are back! Or something like that..

After a mini-holiday forced by the existing situation, we decided to partially resume our activity and resume sending orders by courier.

So from Monday, April 6th, we will send again all orders already placed and future orders until new measures apply (if required).

Thank you for your support !

George and Ana

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26 March, 2020
ATTENTION! We temporarily close the activity!

Due to the situation that worsens more and more from day to day, we decided that on Monday, 30.03., We should close the activity completely for a period of at least 7 days.

This means that we will only ship orders placed until 2:00 pm tomorrow.

All orders placed after 2:00 pm tomorrow, will be processed and delivered as soon as we resume business.

Please take all precautionary measures during this period, and do your best to stay home!

Thank you for understanding.

George, Ana and Andrei.

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21 March, 2020
ATTENTION! Orders will be delivered only by courier!

Due to the existing situation, we decided to close the store indefinitely, starting Tuesday, 24.03.

You can continue placing orders on the site, until new measures are required.


Please do NOT leave the house, unless absolutely necessary. Take care of yourself!

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13 March, 2020
CAUTION! New opening hours in the HUB

Due to the existing situation (the epidemic of COVID-19) we have to postpone all the activities and events sustained in the HUB in the following period, until March 31st.

What does this mean?

It means that by March 31, unfortunately, you will no longer be able to work within the HUB, and all socializing events and contests are postponed.

The store will remain open with normal schedule, until new decisions in this regard (if they will be taken and will be necessary).

We have taken these measures for mutual protection and we suggest that you take seriously all the notifications and advice sent on the official channels by the state institutions.

Thank you and take care of yourself!

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28 December, 2019
AMMO Restock!

On January 15, we will launch a resupply order at AMMO!

So if you are looking for a product especially from them or from the producers in the LIST below, please contact us!

Orders will be received until January 15, for payment in advance we give a 10% discount. The order will reach us in the first half of February.

CAREFUL! We cannot guarantee that all the items in the list will be deliverable by the supplier, as the stocks fluctuate (especially in the news).


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Christmas - New Year 2019-2020 Shop Opening Hours

So another year has passed, with both good and bad.

We wish you a very merry Christmas, and an awesome New Year with many accomplishments and good health!

We are very happy that you are with us in all this time, and maybe you visit us between Christmas and New Years to show us what Santa brought you :D

The shop opening hours in this month :

25-26 December - shop is closed

27-28 December - normal opening times

31 December - 6 January - shop is closed

7 January - normal opening times

The orders placed on the website between 25 December and 6 January for items that are "by order", will be processed starting 7 January.

Thank you for your understanding!

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26 November, 2019
Expozitie de machete - Tabara Miniaturilor

Dragi modelisti,

Asociatia Modelism Fara Frontiere si Centrul Comercial Drumul Taberelor va invita sa participati la evenimentul expozitie “Tabara Miniaturilor” care se va desfasura in perioada 29.11.2019 – 05.12.2019, in incinta Centrului Comercial Drumul Taberelor, Strada Brașov nr. 25, București.

Pentru acest eveniment ne bucuram de prezenta prietenilor si partenerilor nostri Asociatia Modelism Tomis si Asociatia Modelism Alba.

Va invitam sa expuneti alaturi de noi lucrarile voastre in cadrul acestui eveniment care, speram noi, sa atraga atentia publicului spre hobbyul nostru.

Spatiul de expunere va fi amenajat cu vitrine inchise. Amenajarea va incepe in 28.11.2019, in jurul orelor 21 si va continua in prima parte a zilei de 29.11.2019.

Pentru participare, evidenta si gestiunea exponatelor va rugam sa ne transmiteti tabelul de inscriere completat la adresa de e-mail :

Tabelul este disponibil pentru descarcare la :


*Va rugam sa redenumiti numele fisierului cu numele dvs pentru a ne usura munca de centralizare. Va multumim.

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In October we restock EDUARD!

On the 15th of October we launch a restock order at Eduard!

So with this occasion you can send us your orders for any item available on the official website -

PLEASE NOTE! We CANNOT order OVER TREES kits or any other item that is unavailable on Eduard website or it is not Eduard brand. 

We will start deliver your orders beginning 28th of october!

You can send your order at :

  • e-mail :
  • telefon : 0758117866
  • in our shop

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Warhammer Underworlds Beastgrave DEMO DAY

Va invitam sambata aceasta, 05 octombrie in Hobby Shop Community HUB pentru event-ul de lansare, unboxing si DEMO al sezonului 3 din seria Warhammer Underworlds - Beastgrave

Ce facem la aceasta "adunare", intrebati?

Pai luam una bucata starter set Beastgrave, il desigilam, il desfacem, tragem adanc in piept "mirosul ala" de solvent abia tiparit, cascam gura la ce e prin cutie, ne minunam la noile figurine, le montam rapid si bagam 3-4-5-20 de jocuri.

Oricine este binevenit, asa cum ne place sa spunem, we do not discriminate.
Pentru noi-veniti sau cei care nu au mai avut contact cu seria de jocuri Warhammer Underworlds, vom tine cateva jocuri DEMO, in care se vor explica toate regulile jocului cat se poate de clar, in timp ce se joaca partida.

Participarea la acest eveniment este GRATUITA.

Pentru orice alte informatii va rugam sa ne contactati.

Mai multe detalii despre eveniment gasiti aici :

Multumim si va asteptam in HUB!

Ana, George si Andrei

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As promised, here is the official announcement of the painting contest "Paint in the HUB", the winter edition. With this announcement, we officially open the contest registration!

So, the program will be as follows:

- Starting with September 3rd and until November 23rd, you can register for the competition, which is actually the working period, until the competition itself;

- December 6th - from 12:00 to 20:00 you can bring the miniatures for the contest;

- December 7th - from 12:00 to 14:00 you can bring the miniatures for the contest;
- from 14:00 - Official opening of the competition;

- December 7th - December 13th (except Sunday, December 8th) from - 12:00 to 20:00 – the miniatures are displayed in the Community HUB for public viewing;

- December 14th - 14:00 - The award ceremony and closing of the competition;
- from 15:00 to 20:00 participants can pick up their miniatures


a. With round base up to 40 mm (including);
b. With round base over 40 mm and / or oval bases.


1. Each participant has the right to register his Games Workshop miniatures that come in with a base set (Warhammer 40K, Warhammer Age of Sigmar, Lord of the Rings), ONLY ONE miniature in each of the two main categories - EXCLUDING any miniature that comes WITHOUT a base in the package, e.g. Tanks - Predator, Razorback, etc. and any other miniature that does not come as standard with the base in the package;

2. In order to register, a participant has to place an order of at least 150 lei for GW minatures or paints/accessories in our shop during the registration period OR the participant has to pay a registration fee of 50 lei (per participant);

3. We accept miniatures that are already built, but they must be in maximum primed stage (without any other color applied);

4. When registering, it is required a proof that the miniatures are not painted, either by physical presentation in the HUB or by attaching a photograph to the registration form, in which appears a timestamp that places the miniature in the present time - a fiscal receipt, a newspaper, a website, etc.;

5. The Registration can be done online through the registration form from the link below, but also physically in the HUB. (as per the will of the participant). An email of confirmation will be sent after we have verified that all the conditions are met.

6. It is a contest, but it is a contest between people with the same passion and we will NOT accept hate speech, offenses, "jokes" and other toxic things (transmitted both physically in the HUB but also in the social media environment) for the community and for people trying to do its best. The person who violates the common sense rule will receive only one warning, then he/she will be excluded from our community and contest.

7. The contest will not be held if there will be LESS than 20 registered participants and if there will be LESS than 15 miniatures in a category, that category will NOT be judged awarded.



The award system will not be a classic one. Instead of the classic "1st, 2nd, 3rd" or "gold, silver and bronze", we will have 6 completely different prizes for each category.

We chose this way to stimulate your imagination and curiosity, to offer the opportunity to all the miniatures to have their own „Moment of glory”; both those focused on Lore, but also the "funky", the most colorful.

We want to provoke both beginners and they will have a real chance but also veterans to throw in scratch build and as well as advanced painting techniques or even bloody scenes. So the limit is only your imagination! We certainly have a prize ready for you!

Because we want to grow and support the HUB Community, those who will come here to paint their miniatures registered in the contest will receive a special prize. Because together we grow better and we like to be around beautiful people.

The only "classic" prize so to speak, will be the "The Best" One, the best in show, which will be awarded to a single miniature.

A miniature CANNOT earn more than one prize.

What is worth mentioning is that all prizes will be in the form of "store credit" in our store and their total value will exceed 1500 lei.

Disclaimer :

By registering in „Paint in the HUB Contest” - Miniature Painting Contest all the participants automatically give their consent for the presentation and exhibition of the registered miniatures in the HUB, during the contest (December 7th - 14th), and also for the publication of photographs of the miniatures and also the mention of their authors.

For any further information regarding the contest please contact us:


Facebook :
Grup :
E-mail :

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27 June, 2019
Reward Points System!

Reward Points

Starting today, 27 June 2019, we implement on our website and in our store a reward point system for our loyal customers!

When you access any product on our website you can see in the product description the number of points you will receive if you order that product and its price in reward points if you wish to pay for it with accumulated points. 
The value of a point is 0.5 RON
You can use the reward points on the website, clicking on the shopping cart icon and selecting View Cart. 
Here you can see beside each product you added to cart how many points you will receive when you order them and you can pay with accumulated reward points. (see in the picture below)
You will receive reward points for every product you order on our website with a registered account on our site but also in our store and also for items on pre-order. The only requirement is that you have a registered account on our website. 

You can always check how many points you have accumulated, from which orders you have accumulated or in which commands you used points.

In the top bar, on the site, in the right corner, you will see "Hello - your name". Click here and select My Account.

A window with details about your account will open, and in the "My Orders" section you will also find "Reward Points".

By accessing this button you will see how many points you have and a table with points earned and / or paid.

For any information or if you have difficulty using the reward point system, please contact us!

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22 March, 2019
SOON! Hobby Shop Community HUB

In urmatoarele doua saptamani, 25 martie - 5 aprilie, magazinul fizic va fi inchis pentru reamenajare.

In aceasta perioada nu veti putea ridica din magazin comenzile plasate online. De asemenea exista posibilitatea intarzierii livrarilor pentru comenzile online.

Ne cerem scuze pentru acest inconvenient, dar va pregatim un proiect nou, ambitios, unic in Bucuresti (si nu cred ca doar in Bucuresti) si cu siguranta aceasta perioada de asteptare va fi complet rasplatita.

Va multumim tuturor ca sunteti alaturi de noi si vom reveni sub o noua forma, Hobby Shop 2.0 va primi un nou upgrade si vom deveni Hobby Shop Community HUB!

George Si Ana

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12 March, 2019

What do we prepare for you in the first month of spring? Well, let's see ...

1. Since March 12, we've got a POS installed in the store, so now you can pay with any bank card! :)

2. We will receive a wide range of Games Workshop products from March 15-22! We will receive both sets of play, sets of Warhammer units, but also Citadel paints, tools and accessories!


3. We will get in stock at the end of the month some new Zvezda kits!

4. This month we start an ambitious project for which we will come back with more details as they become available. But we promise to surprise you in a very pleasant way :)

We wish you a very nice spring!

George & Ana -

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11 February, 2019

What surprises and news do we prepare for February?

1. The Eduard order will arrive, many goodies, many news and something more interesting, with lower prices!

2. Latest Zvezda news + restock on older items

3. AMMO news + restock - we are waiting for the order in the end of February

4. Latest MINIART news - now on site for pre-order (CLICK HERE), they will arrive in stock at the end of February or early March!

5. And it seems like a smell of ... :)

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15 January, 2019

What news will we prepare for the month of January? Well, let's see ...


At the end of the month, we will launch an order to Eduard, so if you want something from this manufacturer, any product - photo etch sets, resin detail sets, paint mask sets, model kits, please contact us.

Among the news we will receive:

11117 Typhoon Mk.Ib  1/48
11124 Viribus Unitis  1/48
11125 Bodenplatte  1/48

II. News and restock of Panzerstahl collectible models!

III. Other news that will come in stock:

- Rye Field Model 5013 - 1:35 T-34/122 Egyptian

- Das Werk 35001 - 1:35 Faun L900 incl. SDAH 115

- Takom 5003 - 1:72 Russian Army Tractors KZKT-537L & MAZ-537 1+1

- Takom 2106 - 1:35 Jagdpanther G1 Late - full Interior

- IBG 35053 - 1:35 Lancia 3Ro Italian Truck w/ 100/17 100mm Howitzer

- T-Model - three variants of M1114 HMMWV - 1:72

- Galaxy Hobby - two variants of M1240 M-ATV - 1:72

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The extraction of the 2 Years of Hobby Shop raffle
And here's the extraction of  the winners for the 2 Years of Hobby Shop raffle!
We will email the winners tomorrow, 14.12., Please also check the Spam / Junk folder of your email address.

Thank you for being with us, congratulations to all and see you until next year!


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5 December, 2018

DECEMBER comes with many great news!

So, we have almost the full portfolio of TAKOM already on the site (delieveries of TAKOM will start in January! ), many new items from Eduard, some new items from Norev and for the beginning of January 2019 we expect to arrive in stock the latest new items from Amusing Hobby, the brand new Das Werk Faun + trailer kit and many more surprises! We can`t begin a new year without some surprises (some of them really nice ones!) :D


George -

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Delayed delieveries in the next period

We apologize, but during this time there will be delays in delivering orders due to courier companies that do not cope with the extremely high volume of deliveries due to the "traditional" Black Friday. 

Thank you for your understanding.

George -

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17 November, 2018
NEW Stuff incoming in the second part of November!

What`s up!

From now on we will announce here at least twice a month, the news that will come in stock or by order on our site.

So, in the chronological order, next week, November 19-21, will come in stock the MENG new items that were pre-ordered, namely Jagdpanther, Panther D, King tiger Porsche (with the separate interior), Bergepanther A , 9K37M1 BUK rocket launcher, hand chuck and set of drills, along with the new Zvezda in November - SU-27 UB and T-35 at 1:72 scale!

MENG TS-039 - 1:35 German Tank Destroyer SdKfz 173 Jagdpanther Ausf.G1MENG TS-038 - 1:35 SdKfz 171 Panther Ausf.DMENG TS-037 - 1:35 SdKfz 182 King Tiger (Porsche Turret)MENG SS-015 - 1:35 SdKfz 179 Bergepanther Ausf.AMENG SS-014 - 1:35 Russian 9K37M1 BUK Air Defense MissileMENG MTS-023 - MTS-023 Hobby Pin Vise Set

Zvezda 7294 - 1:72 SUKHOI SU-27 UBZvezda 5061 - 1:72 SOVIET HEAVY TANK T-35 

Then, at the end of the month, we are waiting for a number of goodies from Amusing Hobby, Rye Field Models, Das Werk, Rinaldi Studio Press books, IAR-81 BoPi at 1:32 at the Special Hobby, the Das Werk 1:48 scale jack stands for gun tuning WW 2 aircraft and many collectible models from Panzerstahl (1:72 scale)

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Image result for panzerstahlRelated imageRelated imageRelated image

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Concurs cu premii "Doi ani de Hobby Shop!"

In data de 13 decembrie 2016 apasam marele buton rosu de pe panoul de comanda si site-ul isi facea aparitia intr-un coltisor al internetului. De atunci am crescut alaturi de voi, am evoluat si speram sa crestem in continuare si sa va oferim cat mai multe produse, servicii si experiente de calitate. 

Asa ca am hotarat sa va multumim!

Astfel anul acesta lansam o tombola cu premii, ce speram sa devina traditie. Care, cum, unde, in ce fel?

Pai sa le luam pe rand.

1. Perioada de desfasurare a tombolei este 13.11.2018 - 13.12.2018. In data de 13 decembrie va avea loc tragerea la sorti a castigatorilor prin, ce va fi transmisa live pe pagina noastra de Facebook ; 

2. Sunt automat inscrisi toti clientii care lanseaza comenzi pe site-ul nostru in aceasta perioada - 13.11.2018  ora 00:00 pana pe 12.12.2018 ora 23:59. La plasarea comenzilor veti primi un numar de inregistrare in tombola pe mail-ul de confirmare al comenzii. Fiecare comanda este inregistrata in tombola, deci mai multe comenzi, mai multe sanse :) ; 

3. Se ofera trei premii : 

             Locul 1 : voucher valoric pentru cumparaturi pe site-ul nostru in valoare de 150 lei ;
            Locul 2 : voucher valoric pentru cumparaturi pe site-ul nostru in valoare de 100 lei ; 
            Locul 3 : voucher valoric pentru cumparaturi pe site-ul nostru in valoare de 50 lei.

4. Lista cu participantii va fi publicata pe aceasta pagina in data de 13.12.2018, inainte de tragerea la sorti. 

Aceste vouchere NU sunt transmisibile, se pot folosi o singura data, si nu au termen de expirare.


Nu sunt inscrisi clientii care lanseaza comenzi telefonic, pe e-mail sau prin orice alta metoda decat comanda pe site cu cont personal creat. 

Dupa extragerea castigatorilor, in termen de 24-48 ore veti primi pe e-mail-ul cu care ati creat contul pe site voucher-ul premiu (va rugam sa verificati si in Spam/Junk). 

Pentru orice informatie legata de acest concurs va rugam sa ne contactati pe e-mail :

Multumim si mult noroc!

George si Ana -

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29 June, 2017
New Campaign - "Adopt the IAR-80 fighter plane"!

Today we launch the campaign "Adopt the IAR-80 fighter plane" with the purpose of promoting this WW2 Romanian fighter plane symbol, to raise the number of IAR-80 scale models built and presented in the online and also in the Romanian and International scale model contests.

We offer you starting today the Hobby Boss 81757 Romanian IAR-80 kit at a special price, to help as many modelers as we can to participate in this campaign.

You can buy this scale model kit in our store at the promotional price of 18.6 EUR!

Soon we will launch a prized contest featuring only models of IAR-80! Stay tuned!

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31 March, 2017
In April we get new brands in stock!

In April we will receive a few stock and restock orders and we will be offering you the range of products from Plus Model (Czech Republic) and ASUKA Model - ex Tasca (China)


Formerly known as Tasca and very known for the most accurate representations of the Sherman AFV family and accessories. We will receive for starter a big part of the Sherman kits. 

Plus Model

Well known Czech producer of resin diorama accessories and kits. We will receive diorama accessories from them in April. 

Until the next time, be well and have fun!

- team

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1 February, 2017
Pro Modelism Romania Model of the Month Facebook Contest


Beginning this year, Hobby.Shop.Ro is sponsoring the "Model of the Month" contest held on the Facebook group - Pro Modelism Romania. 

The rule set and chance to participate to this contest is reserved only for the group members, but the participating models can be seen here -

If you are a fellow scale model builder and enthusiast and wish to join and participate in this contest, please apply for membership in the facebook group -

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27 January, 2017
MENG TS026 M1A2 Abrams TUSK video promotion


In this post you will find the promotional video for MENG`s M1A2 Abrams kit in 1:35 th scale. Amazing kit, lots of details, movable parts, lots of extras, just one complete package. 

Also available in our store! CLICK HERE

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27 January, 2017
How to use leaf punches for diorama and scenery

In this video tutorial you will learn different ways to use the Green Stuff World leaf punches for the best results. 

You can find these products in stock right here! CLICK HERE

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21 December, 2016
Our studio - Work in progress photos

Hello friends! 

We invite you to take a look on our Facebook page, give us a like and share it!

We will start posting on our FB page work in progress photos from our little studio. Most of those models will end up on sale on our site, so keep an eye out if you are interested!

Here is the link to our Facebook page -

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12 October, 2016
Ghidul modelistului incepator

In acest ghid gasiti o prezentare foarte generala a ce presupune acest hobby - de la scule la consumabile si pana la "umpic de ce si cum". 

Se va vorbi despre uneltele de baza ce nu trebuie sa lipseasca de pe masa de lucru al oricarui modelist ce doreste sa faca o macheta cat mai buna. Se va vorbi despre cateva consumabile de uz general dar si de unele specifice. Se va vorbi despre "weathering" (acel lucru ce face diferenta intre o jucarie si o macheta). Se va vorbi despre fotografie. 

Este un ghid sumar dar destul de cuprinzator pentru a putea sa va faceti o idee despre ce inseamna acest hobby, daca nu ati avut contact pana acum cu modelismul static. 

Credit - Ovidiu Cupse - Pro Modelism Romania 


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