Promotions and discounts


Welcome to our store! If you are looking for model kits, accessories, tools or modeling paints, you have come to the right place. And if you become our client and register an account on our site you will have a lot of benefits!

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First of all, if you register an account on our site, you will automatically have access to the order history, you will be able to check their status at any time, you will be able to easily request the return of ordered products and at the end of orders you will have saved delivery and billing address. you will no longer have to complete them with each order.

Then for customers who have a registered account, we have the Reward Points program (see info below) and the Gift Products program (see info below)!

I. Reward Points (valid only for customers with an account registered on our site)

Starting today, 27 June 2019, we implement on our website and in our store a reward point system for our loyal customers!

When you access any product on our website you can see in the product description the number of points you will receive if you order that product and its price in reward points if you wish to pay for it with accumulated points. 
The value of a point is 0.5 RON

You can use the reward points on the website, clicking on the shopping cart icon and selecting View Cart. 

Here you can see beside each product you added to cart how many points you will receive when you order them and you can pay with accumulated reward points. (see in the picture below)

You will receive reward points for every product you order on our website with a registered account on our site but also in our store and also for items on pre-order. The only requirement is that you have a registered account on our website. 


CAREFUL! For purchases made in our physical store, it is necessary to mention that you have an account on our website and that you want to allocate the related points! If you do not mention this, the points related to the purchases made will NOT be allocated. Also, the points related to the PAST purchases made in the store, CANNOT BE ALLOCATED RETROACTIVELY!

You can always check how many points you have accumulated, from which orders you have accumulated or in which commands you used points.

In the top bar, on the site, in the right corner, you will see "Hello - your name". Click here and select My Account.

A window with details about your account will open, and in the "My Orders" section you will also find "Reward Points".

By accessing this button you will see how many points you have and a table with points earned and / or paid.

II. PROMO PACKS! (special category in the main menu on the site)

Here you will find promotional packs that will be available only once, within the available stock! Once the stock for a package is exhausted, that package will not return to the promotion!

CAREFUL! Loyalty points are NOT awarded for promo packages and loyalty points cannot be used for them when completing the order.

III. PRE-ORDER discounts

Periodically we will post new products for pre-order, products that either are new on the market or that haven`t been in our stock before. We will post a discount (mainly -10%) for pre-ordering these products.

The products in the PRE-ORDER category will be available in 30-45 days since posting and all of those products will be in stock after this period. 

Products that have been available for PRE-ORDERING will NOT appear in this category at another time.

IV. GIFT PRODUCTS (valid only for customers with an account registered on our site)

Since April 2022 we have added a new benefit for customers with an account registered on our site - gift products! These will be automatically added to the shopping cart when the necessary conditions are met. We are currently offering the following gift products:

- When purchasing Games Workshop products worth at least 150 lei (excluding VAT), you will receive a Warhammer miniature as a gift! The miniature can be a Space Marine Intercessor or a Stormcast Sequitor (subject to availability);

- Buy model kits worth over 400 LEI (excluding VAT) and receive a bottle of Tamiya Extra Thin Cement (40ml) as a gift! Promotion valid within the available stock!

- soon we will add other gifts!


We periodically organize "Flash Sale" promotions for certain brands and products. What does this mean? It means that for a short period of time (5-6 days) you will be able to benefit from a 10% discount for a selection of products of a specific brand or even all the products available in stock of a brand.

So keep an eye on our website and our Facebook page to benefit from these promotions!