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Warcry + The Unmade PROMO PACK

Warcry + The Unmade PROMO PACK

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Pachet promotional ce contine un starter set - Warhammer Age of Sigmar - WARCRY si un warband Splintered Fang

La achizitia acestui pachet beneficiati de un discount de 15%!

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Warhammer Age of Sigmar - WARCRY

Enter the dark world of Warcry – a new skirmish game set in the world of Warhammer Age of Sigmar. Choose your warband, and fight thrilling, fast paced tactical skirmishes in one-off battles or across epic narrative campaigns where your warriors grow and develop. This Starter Set is a must-have to play Warcry, giving you everything you need to start gaming and providing hours of thrills out of the box. Inside, you'll find:

- 8 Iron Golems – an indomitable warband hailing from the Realm of Metal
- 9 Untamed Beasts – a savage warband hailing from the Realm of Beasts
- 6 Furies and 6 Raptoryx – vile Chaos beasts who can invade your games or be added to your warbands as Thralls
- 20 fighter cards and 4 ability cards with rules for all the above
- A vast array of modular terrain to represent the ruined battlescapes of the Eightpoints
- A double-sided 22”x30” folding gaming board to battle on
- Terrain, deployment, victory and twist decks for generating awesome battleplans in moments
- 18 D6, featuring the Warcry icon on the 6

What’s more, this Starter Set contains the full and unabridged Warcry Core Book – your complete introduction to the world and rules of this new game. The Core Book includes:
- The complete core rules for Warcry, allowing you to play the game
- Rules for open play, including two types of multiplayer battles for 3 or more players – Coalition of Death and Triumph & Treachery
- Rules for matched play, including guidelines to balancing your battleplans and advice on how to run a tournament
- Rules for narrative play that allow you to run thrilling campaigns and forge epic stories where your warband progresses in power and notoriety
- A campaign section, featuring campaign quests for a number of Warcry factions, plus name generation tables for creating your warbands

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